Jurassic World 2015 Trailer

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A brand new Jurassic World teaser trailer has been released and packs a ton of new footage, primarily focusing on the Park’s Indominus Rex. Interestingly enough, near the end of the trailer as well, you can hear the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex roar in the background, however no sign of the T-Rex on screen yet.

Jurassic World Trailer

Seems as though Universal agreed with most of the fans here, who suggested the Rex’s roar be teased in the background, but not footage actually be displayed, take your and watch the trailer. Two viral websites, for the fictional Masrani Global Corporation and for the Jurassic World theme park, were revealed in 17th of November 2014.

The Jurassic World Primary Trailer was planned to be coming on 27th of Nov 2014, however Universal Picture released it on Nov 25th instead. A latest trailer was released throughout Super Bowl XLIS on Feb 1st 2015. This thrilling Trailer of Jurassic World is going to be downloadable from most famous websites such as Youtube and Dailymotion, while you can download Jurassic World Trailer in High Definition version.

However there are more other websites and blogs which are posting the trailer, so that you can easily watch and download Jurassic World Trailer.

Jurassic Park 4 - Jurassic World Trailer

Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)

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